When it gets cold, Ice Melt products sell rapidly.

Consider positioning your Ice Melt product near gas pumps, entry ways and other convenient line of sight locations for product visibility and easy access.  Our Competitive Pricing, prompt delivery and personal product set-up will have you seeing higher profits from the very first sale.  When competing with big box stores, you have convenience on your side,  prepared and with plenty of product on hand.


Winter Blast - A premium ice melt blend of granular rock salt sprayed with Calcium Chloride that melts down to -25degrees F. Keeps melting long after plain rock salt quits. Less tracking indoors.  Less needed for melting than rock salt.  Perfect for walkways!

+ Colored Blue for easy visibility
+ More enviornment friendly
+ Calcium enhanced for fast melting power
+ Formulated with CMA to help prevent corrosion
+ Effective down to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit
+ Comes in 50 LBs bags (22.7 kg)

Ice melt groupAmerican Rock Salt – The best tracton rock salt on the market!

Morton Safety Salt- Excellent all purpose rock salt.

Excel 50 Calcium Pellets (No longer available)– 90% calcium.  Very fast acting pellet and long lasting. Less damage to concrete. Melts down to -25 degrees.

Morton Calcium Chloride Ice Melter - Contains only Calcium Chloride pellets (Calcium Chloride Hydrate greater than 99%) 

Import Calcium Chloride Pellets – Best value! 75% Calcium with a blend of Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride. Fast acting pellet melting down to -25 degrees. Less damage to concrete.

Calcium Flake – 90% calcium. Great for spreaders. Ned Mag Magnesium Pellets – Same ice melting characteristics as Calcium but slightly slower acting down to -25 degrees. Less damage to concrete, grass and plants. Long lasting.

Ned Mag Magnesium Pellets – Faster acting than Calcium Chloride. Safest to use on concrete,  near grass and shrubs. More enviornmentally safe.

Morton Professional Grade Ice Melter Blend - Blend of solar salt and calcium chloride provides sustained melting to -15 degreed F.
Morton Professional Grade Blue Ice Melter blend - same as professional grade but contains blue coloring to enhance visability.

Blizzard Wizard - Blend of solar salt and Magnesium Chloride with blue color added with sustained melting to -15 degrees F.

Ice Melt Pricing

Call us for TRAILER LOAD discounts (10-18 pallets)

(610) 381-5300

Winter Blast -
50 lb. bag $8.95
49 bags per pallet

American Rock Salt & Halite Rock Salt   
per 50 lb. bag $4.50
49 bags per pallet. Halite: 8 pallet minimum or mix and match with other products. American Rock: full truck load only or $5.25 picked up in Pottstown, PA. 

Import Calcium Pellets

50 lb. bag $12.95
48 bags per pallet

Calcium Flake
 50 lb. bag $11.70
48 bags per pallet

Magnesium Pellets
 50 lb. bags $12.50
45 bags per pallet

Magnesium Flake
 50 lb. bag $11.95
45 bags per pallet

Morton Pro Grade Ice Melt
50 lb. bag $8.28
49 bags per pallet

Morton Pro Grade Blue Ice Melt 
50 lb. bag $8.38
49 bags per pallet

Morton Calcium Chloride Pellets (99% calcium chloride hydrate)
50 lb. bag $13.10
48 bags per pallet

Blizzard Wizard
40 lb. bag $5.50




  • Full pallets only
  • Minimum 2 pallets
  • $60.00 delivery charge

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